September 25

PLTW Energy Conversion

Our first unit of study this year in our Launch series is Energy Conversion.  We begin with a story that involves a problem to be solved.  Then throughout the unit we participate in three activities that teach and reinforce our learning about forms of energy and how energy is converted.  In each activity students work together in small groups to identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, design and build models, test and evaluate those models, reflect, make changes, reevaluate and reflect.  

Each group is given the opportunity to create a presentation for the class about their group’s process.  We use various apps to share our thinking throughout.  We also have our Launch Logs that we are able to keep notes, sketches, thoughts, etc.  


The generator simulated mechanical and electrical energy.


The hand warmers represented chemical and thermal energy.


We keep notes in our Launch Logs.


So much thinking goes into the problem solving process.


The VEX kits are definitely well used.


3D plans on the iPads walks us through building certain machines needed for the problem solving process.


So many pieces!


The focus is real!

The level of learning in the classroom is on a whole new level. I can’t say enough.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Check back for more!